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Summer 2019

Video Clip Contest

Enter for a chance to win 

 An amazing Mountain Series Camera Pack from f-stop.

How to enter:

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STEP 1: Join Wildstock (or login if you are already a member)

We are a revolutionary stock media marketplace, built by artists and for artists.  We are the source for the natural world's most inspiring visuals, in both stills and motion. Our growing community is always looking for more adventurous members to join our team to upload, share, and sell their work or buy visuals from our curated collections.

STEP 2: Upload your video

Upload as many video clips as you'd like, preferably 5-30 seconds in length. From ariel and timelapse to 2k, 4k, and beyond - we support video content from the natural world that tells a powerful story and inspires!  As a new member of Wildstock, you can set your own price and give back percentage for each clip (at least 10% from every sale you make will go directly back to conservation efforts). All of your work will be saved on our platform, and you can share it with the world and make money.

For more information on our licensing, terms of use, and our revolutionary Take + Give model, please click the links above.  By joining this contest and uploading content, you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions. 


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This fall, we are going to be giving away an insanely rugged and expertly designed backpack for all your camera gear and adventures—the Lotus 32L Mountain Series Camera Pack from f-stop.

This pack is seriously next level and will make an incredible companion for all of your adventures for many many years to come. Three colors to choose from!


Our team of curation specialists will be carefully sorting through all uploaded clips, and we will announce a winner on September 23, 2019. We are beyond excited to see the results and to be sharing with you this amazing Mountain Series Camera Pack from f-stop.  Don't forget to tell and share with your friends!

Enter for a chance to win a Lotus 32L Mountain Series Camera Pack from f-stop.


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